Ceramic Coating, The Pros And Cons

Anyone who is in love with his car will definitely love to have a ceramic coating for beauty. This is believed to be the best coating option for cars. It is said to protect the surface of the car on one hand and give additional beauty on the other hand. In this way the car remains safe and additional years are added to the surface as well. Although there are apprehensions regarding the performance of this coating in relation to the paintwork the misconceptions can be comfortably handled if we know what actually this process is. Here we have gathered some details to understand the ceramic coating Sydney.

What is meant by ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a combination of inorganic ingredients that are used along with the paintwork to secure the surface of the car. It works like a semi-permanent sealant after it dries. The dried ceramic coating is hard enough and so it adheres well to the surface of the car. The waxed coating is not something permanent and the results are not very impressive either. The mineral hardness scale is approximately 9H. The life of these coatings is longer than the ordinary wax coatings.

For those who are thinking to have the ceramic coating, it is also important to learn about the bright and dark side of the said too. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of having a ceramic coating.


  • The ceramic coating is firm enough and adds extra lustre and shine to the car.
  • Ceramic coating is water-resistant.
  • The appearance and shine are not adversely affected by washing and cleaning. Instead the shine retains after washing the vehicle thoroughly.
  • It is scratch resistant. The hard coating works like a shield for the car surface.
  • Ceramic coating makes the car weather resistant. Whether you are driving through harsh rain or there is stormy wind striking against the body, nothing would actually harm the vehicle.
  • Once coated with the ceramic coatings only wiping with the soft cloth can remove anything from the surface of the car.


  • It cannot be used without professional help. It by no means is a personal thing. An inexperienced user cannot do it on his own. There is no room for error. Even a little of the coating applied cannot be removed if any problem occurs.
  • The application needs additional time. The paint must dry completely before the car detailing Mascot is applied. Hence, it needs more time than waxing.

The ceramic coating will not hide any scratch or damage on the painted surface.

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